Who knows Parker ighile the ‘So beautiful’ singer

So beautiful

So beautiful

Parker ighile actually known as Peter ibrahim ighile is a nigerian british producer,singer and songwriter.
Was born in London,England on the 1st of march 1990 where he lived with his father and mother and his sister Ame ighile.
His parents who are from Benin and Kaduna,respectively.
At age 11 he started in music production after he and some friends formed a christian music group.
Meanwhile, he also learned the practical side of music in his early stages because the church his mother attended was very musical and intrumental.
Parker studied music in college and university,respectively.
However in school he learned more of the theoretical aspect than practical.
Influenced, due to early and frequent exposure to his mother’s diverse taste in music, parker ventures into variety of genres in music-from R&B and Rap to dance and garage to bollywood movie soundtracks.
He said “My philosophy is that the wider your knowledge and taste in music is, the more innovative and outstanding your own music becomes”.
At age 18, he produced & co-wrote his first UK platinum hit on Chipmunk’s first and number 1 hit single “Oopsy Daisy” and 7 songs in total on the
He has sinced produced Nicki minaj’s “Hell yeah” and Rihanna’s “What now”.
in late 2012 the “So beautiful”download song leaked on the internet .
Some weeks later ighile announced on twitter (@ParkerIghile) that he was working on a mixtape titled “Young,Dump & 21” set to be released early this year.
Ighile’s artistry is usually compared to Sting’s and Fela’s and his production to that of Kanye west.
Parker ighile is the first and currently signed artiste to Nicki minaj’s
yet to be titled record label.
Edited from Google

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