Daily prompt: Social network

Daily prompt says:do i feel like I “get” social media, or i just use it because that’s where all my friends and family are ?

Four of my facebook friends are my family
Few of them are friends
To me i just feel like i get social media like facebook. because most of my facebook friends are people i’ve never meet neither do i know them personally due to distance or obvious reasons
I don’t usually upload pictures of me on the timeline as most of my friends do,except for pictures i sketch as an artist
However facebook is not that interesting to me,
because i hardly make friends on Facebook and if i do they don’t get friendly and conversant with me
maybe that’s my fault anyway cos people do say am not that outspoken but i think they’re all getting it wrong with me
Even no matter how hard i try to get a message to there inbox they’ll not reply
I guess that’s there fucking problem anyway as long as it doesn’t affect the real me
I don’t even share ‘what’s on my mind’ with friends
I prefer to keep it to myself rather than share it
Most of the things i don’t write on facebook are reserved for tweets
None of my followers on twitter are family
Most of them are friends
I’d share my feelings on twitter and I get lots of audience reply and retweet
I always feel free to post my perspective and ideas
on social life and politics
Social network like twitter is a network were I get more social and the poetic justice i get for every radical tweet
So i do feel like i get social site like twitter because that’s were all my anonymous friends are.

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